How to make $150 a month posting and commenting on Reddit?

Lazar Mihnea
3 min readFeb 14, 2022
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First of all, let me tell you that I like Reddit as a social media option. The greatest thing for me it’s the ability to sort how you want the content to be delivered, meaning you don’t always rely on an algorithm to feed you posts. This is why I use it as my primary social media app. Another great thing is the idea of a “subreddit”. These are smaller communities of people passionate about a subject. For example, r/tea is a subreddit I follow to find cool new teas and teapots.

However, there are two communities that give you community points a.k.a. crypto for participating in them: r/fortnite and r/cryptocurrency. This story focuses on r/cryptocurrency because you can earn more here and this is a subject I am passionate about. The crypto is called r/cryptocurrency moons — XMOON and is currently worth $0.0887 according to Coinbase.

What are these community points?

You get them by receiving “upvotes”, which are basically likes. These are then converted to “karma”, which is your total upvotes count. Each month, you receive XMOONs based on how much karma you have and how much karma the total users have gathered, meaning you will receive more if there is less activity. Furthermore, the number of moons distributed is lowered by 5% each month, until there will be 250 million in circulation. Currently, they are in the testnet, but you can use them to buy a premium r/cryptocurrency membership.

How do I get them?

You need to post and comment useful or funny things. A cool thing is that r/cryptocurrency users can vote how to ecosystem evolves and there has been a vote stating that upvotes received on comments are worth twice as much as those on posts, meaning it is more efficient to comment. They are delivered to your “Vault” at the end of the month.

IMPORTANT: you need to open your Vault to be eligible to receive XMOONs! You can find it in the app here:

How much can you earn?

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